Mustang Sally

22 Oct

We begin a week of female political ‘candidates’ from the world of rock’n’roll with Mustang Sally.

Despite the rumors that all she wants to do is “ride around,” Sally is quite a busy woman. Why else do the lyrics urge her to slow down and put her flat feet on the ground?

True, we don’t know exactly what keeps her so busy, but being a hard worker is a requirement for success in politics.

Another essential is getting to as many chicken dinners, senior citizen breakfasts and VFW halls as is humanly possible, and Sally’s got an edge on this one too: “You been running all over the town.”

Mustang candidate? Too little information to make a call on Sally. She’s got the energy a candidate needs, but until we learn more, it’s not clear she’s focusing that energy on the type of things that get one elected.

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