Johnny B. Goode

19 Oct

Chuck Berry celebrated his 86th birthday this week so what better time to make one of rock’n’roll’s most recognizable songs today’s POTUSong.

Johnny B. Goode, like so many of our “candidates,” has a great rags-to-riches story – a tale that embodies the American Dream and will play well on the campaign trail.

Johnny B. Goode

He grew up in a log cabin made of earth and wood outside of New Orleans, carried a guitar in a gunny sack and played it outside under a tree.

His skill at playing the guitar built him a loyal following, which could serve as a base should he decide to enter the political arena: “People passing by they would stop and say, ‘Oh my that little country boy could play.’”

Johnny also had a mother who encouraged him, telling him that perhaps someday he will be a star attracting crowds of people from miles away.

He does, however, have one negative. Johnny “never ever learned to read or write so well” and this could hurt him as a candidate. Speechwriters and coaches can help, and as a popular guitarist, he’s comfortable appearing before large crowds. But his political opponents are likely to point out Johnny’s limited formal education and use it against him.

Should Johnny go? Only one small negative here – and that’s the education issue. But if Johnny plays his cards right, he could turn that issue around by stressing how he became successful through hard work and dedication – despite the lack of a college degree or high school diploma.

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