Me and Bobby McGee

18 Oct

Today, POTUSongs turns to the Kris Kristoferson’s classic Me and Bobby McGee.

The opening verse describes traveling from Baton Rouge to New Orleans, so we suspect McGee is politically savvy since she is familiar with Louisiana, where politics can become a blood sport.

At one point, she “thumbed a diesel down” so we know she recognizes the value of mass transit. Taking the train also will score points with environmentalists.

McGee also has traveled – “from the coalmines of Kentucky to the California sun.” She knows the U.S. and its people. That will help her too – as well as the fact that she is a caring person, “sharing the secrets” of her companion’s soul and making sure he stays warm at night.

On the flipside, her take on freedom is likely to cause problems, especially among conservatives. “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose” is not exactly what they want to hear.

Along the same lines, voters are looking for candidates who have an eye on the future and promise better days ahead. Lines such as “I’d trade all of my tomorrows for one single yesterday” are not going to cut it.

Last word: As a traveling companion and a friend, no one would be better than Bobby McGee. She’ll definitely have your back. But she speaks her mind too openly and honestly to succeed in politics – and that’s our loss.

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