A Well Respected Man

4 Oct

At first glance, the lyrics of A Well Respected Man read like a campaign ad for an ideal candidate. Who can take issue with a guy described in the 1965 Kinks classic written by Ray Davies?  He gets up and goes to work each day, is punctual and is good on the outside and the inside:

POTUSong: A Well Respected Man

‘Cause he gets up in the morning, and he goes to work at nine,

And he comes back home at five-thirty, gets the same train every time.

‘Cause his world is built ’round punctuality, it never fails.

And he’s oh, so good, and he’s oh, so fine,

And he’s oh, so healthy in his body and his mind.

No wonder that “He’s a well respected man about town.”

But all is not as it appears.

The lyrics tell us the well respected man is “doing the best things so conservatively.” That’s going to win support in some corners, but alienate other voters, especially if his conservative positions are too far to the right. If that’s the case, it could prevent him from garnering broad-based support.

But, wait, there’s even more we should know about this guy and his family.

According to the song, his father “pulls the maid” while his mother is at meetings. Mom, meanwhile “passes looks, as well as bills, at every suave young man.” Not exactly the type of poster family that would play well in ads.

More importantly, although the well respected man likes to portray a squeaky clean public image, he’s a bit like Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who displayed a different side of his personality before supporters at a closed door event, which was captured by a hidden video camera and subsequently widely distributed on the Internet.

At home, the lyrics tell us, the well respected man knows “he’s better than the rest and his own sweat smells the best.”

Our analysis: This guy is an accident waiting to happen. If he doesn’t embarrass himself, his family members will do it for him with their shenanigans. Best to keep him happy, give him access to all the big shots and hope that he sends some of his money your way to help finance a better candidate.

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