Mrs. Robinson

3 Oct

Although we have yet to see a woman win a major party nomination and run for president, there are some great rock’n’roll characters who could qualify for the Oval Office, and today we start with one of them.

With the presidential debates starting tonight, Simon and Garfunkel’s Mrs. Robinson is a timely choice since it may be the only popular song to mention political debates, albeit in a less-than-glowing fashion:

Going to the candidates’ debate,

Laugh about it, shout about it,

When you’ve got to choose,

Every way you look at it you lose.

Actually, Mrs. Robinson’s disdain for debates and the political process fits right in with the strategies of many candidates who bill themselves as “Washington outsiders” and try to convince voters that they are best qualified to serve in office because they had nothing to do with creating the problems government faces. (How many other jobs are there where having no experience in the field can be an asset toward getting hired?)

As for Mrs. Robinson as a candidate, Paul Simon’s lyrics seem to set her up for a run in office. She’s surrounded by “sympathetic eyes,” suggesting she could garner support, and she knows her life will become an open book should she enter the public sector: “We’d like to know a little bit about you for our files.”

On that last point, as we know from The Graduate, Mrs. Robinson, while married, had an affair with a much younger man, who happened to be the son of a couple she and her husband are friendly with. This would have put an end to any political aspirations when The Graduate was released in1967. But handled properly in 2012, she could keep it from being a distraction. Plenty of people serving in elected office today have done far worse things in their personal lives.

On the positive side, Mrs. Robinson may not be religious, but we know that Jesus loves her (more than she will know). She’s also down to earth since we learn that she bakes cupcakes (even if they end up hidden in the pantry). In politics, it’s the image that counts. Who cares if the cupcakes are inedible?

Our verdict: Any woman running for office today still faces a tough road, and the road to the White House is the toughest, but Mrs. Robinson just may be tough enough for the challenge.

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