The Fool on the Hill

2 Oct

Because Republican challenger Mitt Romney’s wealth has become a popular target for his critics, we began our look at rock’n’roll and the race for president yesterday with the Beatles’ Baby, You’re A Rich Man.

Today, we turn to President Obama, who also has his share of critics – and they generally use terms much stronger than “fool” when describing the man who sits on top of Capitol Hill. Hence today’s POTUSong: The Fool on the Hill.

POTUSongs: The Fool on the Hill

One obscure interpretation of The Fool on the Hill is that it was written about President Lyndon Baines Johnson, who sat on top of Capitol Hill during the height of the Vietnam war era. As the lyrics put it, “The Fool” talks out of both sides of his mouth (the man of a thousand voices) and “never listens to them (the war protestors)” because “he knows that they’re the fools.” As for the protestors’ feelings, “They don’t like him.”

An interesting interpretation, but not exactly what Paul McCartney had in mind when he wrote the song since Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is believed to have been the man who inspired the tune.

Regardless of the inspiration, how does “The Fool on the Hill” character shape up as a presidential candidate?

According to the lyrics, “He never gives an answer” so he probably would do well in the presidential debates since candidates tend to avoid answering questions and instead just repeat their talking points in response to whatever is asked. This skill also could be helpful at news conferences to keep from getting pinned down to specific positions that could hurt one’s chances.

“He never shows his feelings” is another lyric that suggests “The Fool” has what it takes. He’ll not let emotion influence his decisions. But this also could be a detriment. If voters view him as cold, he could fail the “Which candidate would I rather have a beer with?” test. Take these lines for example: “But nobody ever hears him, or the sound he appears to make” and “nobody seems to like him, they can tell what he wants to do.”

The bottom line: “The Fool” has the potential to become a viable candidate. He’s smart and disciplined, but maybe a bit too cold. With the help of a top consultant, he could soften his image and project a warmer personality – and that might equal just the right equation for success.


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