Baby, You’re A Rich Man

1 Oct

As we begin our look at rock’n’roll and the race for president, courtesy dictates that the challenger be first.

So we start out with a song for Mitt Romney, and what could be more appropriate than the Beatles’ Baby, You’re A Rich Man?

POTUSongs: Baby, You're A Rich Man

Romney’s wealth has been a popular topic since he entered the race. Opponents claim it puts him out of touch with the common folk. They also question how he amassed his millions, suggesting that he cost Americans jobs by outsourcing work overseas.

The character in Baby, You’re A Rich Man (believed to have been based on Brian Epstein, the band’s manager), faces similar criticism. “How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?” the lyrics ask with more than a hint of a sneer.

Later, we learn that the “Rich Man” keeps all his money in a big brown bag, a charge that sounds a lot like Romney’s critics, who often suggest that he has not properly shared his wealth.

But as for the task at hand, how would the character in Baby, You’re A Rich Man fare on the presidential campaign trail?

On the positive side, all that money is bound to be an asset. It can buy advertising and pay for events and campaign workers. On the other hand, he’d have to constantly fend off the type of charges that have been coming Romney’s way. If he deals with them more adeptly than the former Massachusetts governor, he could make a formidable candidate.

Odds are, however, that he just won’t cut it. It already sounds like he’s a flip-flopper: “Now that you’ve found another key, what are you going to play?”

Our conclusion: This is one rich man who won’t get to the White House, unless he wants to take a tour like the rest of us.

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