Welcome to POTUSongs

30 Sep

For all those who wish for more of a choice when they go to the polls, this site is for you.

We’re not actually offering you a greater choice. Given the state of politics today, the two-party system remains the norm throughout the U.S.

But if we are to fantasize about an election with more options, why not make it a real fantasy? A rock’n’roll fantasy?

That’s what this site is all about. Between now an Election Day, we’re going to analyze and scrutinize characters from classic rock songs to determine — based on the way they are described in the lyrics — which one has the best qualities to serve in the Oval Office.

  • Will Johnny B. Goode’s rags-to-riches story resonate with voters?
  • With the economy slumping, can Jumpin’ Jack Flash assure the nation that things are all right? Maybe even a gas?
  • Will Americans rally behind Bobby McGee’s claim that freedom’s just another word?

We kicked off the project Monday, Oct. 1, and will provide a political analysis of five rock’n’roll characters each week, giving us a field of 25 “candidates” by Election Day — a much greater choice than you’ll find at the polls on Nov. 6.

Hope you’ll join us on our five-week rock’n’roll political fantasy.

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